About The 19th Hole Canton

Introducing “The 19th Hole Canton,” a captivating golf simulator business nestled within the historic Mills Tower in Canton, Ohio. Embracing the building’s rich heritage as a former bank, The 19th Hole Canton seamlessly blends the charm of the past with the excitement of cutting-edge golf technology.

Within its hallowed walls, golf enthusiasts of all levels can perfect their swing while immersing themselves in the building’s century-old architecture. Enhancing the experience further, The 19th Hole Canton boasts a vibrant bar and restaurant, where patrons can savor delectable culinary delights and raise a toast to a successful round.

Book online or step into this extraordinary venue for lunch, a night out, or group outing, where the allure of golf, history, and camaraderie converge at the renowned 19th Hole Canton.